It is understandable for parents to feel mixed emotions when seeking a consultation about their child. It is important to keep in mind that child therapist are familiar with children facing a range of challenges and understand that these experiences can evoke strong feelings within the family. Seeking treatment can be a powerful aide in understanding your child's difficulties and in gaining substantial relief from the problems that interfere with your child's overall happiness and comfort, bringing about a greater degree of effectiveness in meeting developmental, social and emotional challenges and daily events with a greater degree of ease and success.

Children often struggle with feelings of insecurity, worries and frustration, similar to teens and adults. Many children face difficulties in managing common childhood experiences including sibling rivalry and separation anxiety as well as coping with adjustments to a new school, a family move, the birth of a sibling, medical conditions and procedures and to parental separation and divorce. If you are considering seeking psychotherapy for your child, you may have concerns about certain aspects of your child's development or your child's ability to comfortably manage daily routines and social or school life. You may have noticed that your child seems overwhelmed or burdened by feelings of anxiety, anger or sadness. A consultation with a child therapist can offer help in finding new and improved ways to manage these challenges and in helping your child overcome the emotional and social difficulties that get in the way of living life to the fullest. Meeting with a child therapist also provides parents with a greater understanding about the expectable social and emotional experiences at various developmental stages.

Play is a child's most powerful resource through which to identify, express, and successfully manage many areas of social and emotional development. Play therapy with a child therapist provides a young child with the opportunity to gain support and to develop greater effectiveness in overcoming social and emotional challenges. Parents have a vital role in a child's treatment and can develop enhanced understanding into the nature of a child's concerns and effective responses and strategies, tailored specifically to meet the child's emotional needs, developmental stage and family style.

Some of the reasons parents seek psychotherapy for their child include:

  • difficulty managing daily routines
  • anxiety and nervousness
  • fears and worries
  • sadness and tearfulness
  • difficulty with adjustment to school
  • separation anxiety
  • sibling relationship difficulties
  • difficulties with peers and within friendships
  • concerns about socialization
  • obsessive behaviors
  • changes in the child's typical personality
  • coping with major life changes (i.e., the birth of a sibling or a family move) 
  • managing typical, challenging life events (i.e., going to the doctor or dentist)
  • coping with loss and grief
  • developmental concerns
  • add or adhd

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