Parent Support Consultation

Parents often find it helpful to speak with a child therapist when facing questions or challenges related to their child or family.  Many times, parent meetings take place in conjunction with the treatment of the child. Other times, parents may wish to meet with a psychotherapist to discuss concerns, independent of the child receiving treatment. Sometimes, parents seek a consultation to sort out whether or not their child might benefit from an evaluation, and to learn more about the process of child consultation and psychotherapy. Parents may be interested in learning more about developmental stages and expectations, and to discuss options related to parenting styles and strategies. Many parents benefit from the opportunity to receive support around the various challenges related to parenting, by speaking with a child psychologist who is trained and experienced in understandng the complex experiences and challenging demands related to parenting.

Some of the areas of interest of parents seeking parenting consultation include:

  • recognizing and responding effectively to developmental challenges
  • promoting a child's capacity to play in a happy and healthy way
  • deciding when a child should receive a professional evaluation 
  • parental alienation 
  • high conflict divorce
  • blended family
  • co-parenting with toxic ex
  • understanding the nature of play therapy
  • receiving education and support around the challenges of parenting
  • understanding and comfortably managing separation anxiety
  • managing and responding to sibling rivalry
  • developing age-appropriate independence
  • promoting successful coping skills 
  • receiving support and guidance in preparation for major life events and transitions
  • promoting postive relationships within the family
  • developing effective and positive social skills 

We encourage you to contact us at (817) 832 2273 to discuss how a parent consultation may be helpful to you and your family.

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