Teens lead complex lives in facing the demands of academic, social and family life. Teens today experience an increasingly complex and often stressful world that can be both enhanced as well as complicated by social media and 24/7 digital information. Many teens find it helpful to have the opportunity to express the concerns they are facing. Often, teenagers wish to discuss experiences related to academic pressures, struggles with self-esteem, anxiety and self-doubts and challenges within relationships with family, friends and significant others. Speaking with a therapist in a neutral and confidential setting can help teens to clarify their thoughts and ideas, and often improves their capacity to communicate with family and friends. Therapy for teens can help to promote adaptive coping skills, reduced anxiety, and improve communication and relationships with family and peers. 

A goal of treatment often includes helping to establish a more comfortable relationship with parents, while also maintaining a confidential place to address personal concerns. We offer brief, short-term treatment for those wishing to address specific goals, as well as longer-term therapy for those who find it useful to gain greater understanding of, and enhanced solutions to, troubles related to relationships and self-esteem and in managing anxiety and depression.

Many teenagers find psychotherapy helpful to address: 

  • anxiety and stress management 
  • academic concerns
  • self-doubt and self-criticism
  • depression and sadness
  • difficulties within personal relationships 
  • identity concerns 
  • managing family relationships and transitions
  • decision-making related to future plans and goals
  • adjustment to the loss of a loved one
  • emotional eating  
  • ADD or ADHD

Please feel free to contact us (817) 832 2273 to discuss any questions or concerns you have about whether therapy may be beneficial for your teen.

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