It is understandable for couples to experience times of difficulty and stress within the relationship. Couples' therapy may provide the opportunity to talk about areas of concern and conflict in a confidential setting with a therapist who is trained to listen impartially, and to assist couples in finding enhanced ways to communicate and to manage struggles in a way that fits each partner's style - and that feels respectful, fair and manageable to each partner. Couples seeking treatment may be dating or married, and may have had prior experience in psychotherapy, or may be seeking treatment for the first time.   

Some of the areas of concern that bring many couples into psychotherapy include:

  • communication difficulties 
  • managing emotional challenges
  • life transitions
  • parenting concerns 
  • conflict with family & in-laws
  • career changes
  • family dynamics
  • blended family
  • intimacy concerns  
  • emotional affairs
  • physical affairs 
  • financial infidelity
  • creating a healthy relationship
  • social media

Many couples find that participating in couples' therapy can be beneficial in developing lasting and enhanced ways of communicating and managing challenges, while promoting positive feelings within the relationship. Sometimes, couples are not certain as to whether or not couples' treatment may be helpful - and may benefit from a consultation together to explore the possible benefits of treatment. If you wish to discuss any questions you may have regarding couples treatment, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (817) 832 2273.   

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