Wright Scott: 

I was skeptical of going to a therapist for relationship issues.This was our second try at a therapist in this area. The first was a total failure. She told my wife to just divorce me and my drinking was a choice and I didn't love her enough to stop. My wife was ready to leave due to my drinking. I felt like I was going to go into this session and just get beat up by my wife and the therapist again. I had hoped and told my wife only a male therapist. I can now say I am glad Blair was a female. She displayed empathy and understanding with my alcohol issues. She explained the disease process of alcoholism. Which helped my wife understand I did love her. Gave us some good resources: Book "Healing the Addictive Brain" AA resources or Celebrate Recovery. Al-Anon meetings for my family. Resources for better communication and learning to ask for what we need by being specific. We role played in the office. She explained while these skills sound easy we may have patterns that are hard to break. She is like getting a shot of confidence and resources every time we left her office.


Sarah Johnson:  

My family and my ex husband's family were court ordered to work with Blair for parental alienation. At first I was not happy about being court ordered to see a therapist plus I was scared she would be bias and I might loose my children. She was upfront and taught me things I was doing and was not even aware of the effect it had on our children. My ex would say the same thing. There was lots of conflict in our divorce and we could not get along much less co-parent. Every conversation ended in an all out fight or argument. She showed each of us how we contributed to the conflict with our children. I didn't always like what she would try to show me the power of my words and what other meaning my ex was maybe feeling. One of her favorite sayings in the office was " You can collect more bees with honey than vinegar"  Both of our families worked with Blair for a little over a year. We can now have a conversation concerning our children without ending in an argument, co-parent, and recognize when the children try to play us against each other. Things are 100% better. Thats not to say we always agree but now we can come to the middle and support each other in parenting our children. We can attend functions together, parent teach conferences, both families can sit together. You may be asking why this even matters. Our children are no longer in the middle or feel like they need to take a side. Blair was awesome for our family. She does have a different style very upfront and full of information that at times may seem overwhelming.  A plus in therapy if we were having issues that popped up between our sessions she allowed us to call her any time and would help not just scheduling an additional appointment which helped on cost. She provide any resources we needed. We often wished we could just take her home. We have sent many of our friends and family to her.


Mel Green  

Awesome therapist! Shows repeatedly she cares. Very genuine. Office is very professional. My marriage was in trouble being a blended family. She worked great with me and our family. We continue to use her wisdom everyday. I needed a family doctor being new to the area and she quizzed me on what I like in a doctor and suggested two and the one I picked she took the time to call and get an appointment scheduled. Who does that any longer. She has a personal touch and interest that shines through in the many services and sessions she provided. I have referred many friends and co-workers to her.


Renee Mato 

I first started seeing Blair when I was a grad student at Texas Wesleyan University. I believe she was also a grad student at the time. Over the years when my life has had a rocky journey I have reached out to Blair for help. Going on 10 + years she has never failed to encourage me, when times were ruff, she would help me reflect on other perceptions when I had only tunnel vision, and be very upfront and direct with things I needed to hear but didn't want to hear. There have been times she has made me even angry only to realize it was my choices in life that were responsible for my chaos. I just started seeing her again and I am glad I made the drive from North Dallas. There are probably closer therapists but she seems to understand and really care about me and my family. The things you can count on with Blair: she will work you in to her busy schedule, see you on the weekend if you are in crisis, answer your call in the middle of the night, and even work with you on payment and check on you to see how you are doing. So for some to say she is only concerned with money they must not really know Blair. When I was going thru my divorce she waited for payment till my divorce was over. My divorce lasted a 18mths until the papers were signed. She offices with other therapist but I think they are all independent. She is the only one who answers and returns her calls and it may take a day or two before she gets back to you due to her late hours. Her office is warm, inviting and relaxing. She really goes the extra mile to help!


Riley Benson 

Many of our family members, extended family, friends have been referred to Blair over the years. She has never failed us. I am sad to see someone feels Blair is all about money. Its laughable considering what she has done for our family. There can be a wait to get in to her unless someone reschedules or her schedule opens up. She is eloquent in her approach and shows she cares in many ways.


Derek Jensen 

I started seeing Ms. Danz in February of this year to help with the death of my dad and relationship issues. She returned my call and got me scheduled within a week. She has helped me tremendously in my relationship with communication between us. I was very skeptical to see a therapist. A friend referred me and I am really glad I scheduled with her. She has helped with many things. I never leave without some insight.


Cathy Drew 

We are so very thankful Blair Danz came into our lives! We have confidence in her guidance and have recommended her to numerous friends going through varying difficulties in their lives. She listens and guides with gentleness, encouragement and strength. She is determined to help you and your family “weather the storm” no matter the time or day. Blair has given us smooth sailing even when the sea seemed to engulf us. We believe Blair is a professional who takes a personal interest in all of her patients and truly cares. She has been successful in improving those in our family-no matter the age, and has walked with us through difficult times and rejoices when times are brighter. Blair is without a doubt second to none!


Melissa Heath 

I have had the need to visit & wait in the waiting room before & after appointments for Blair whilst waiting with other clients of hers. I have never heard so many people share such wonderful things about their therapist openly to strangers. Each time I have been there someone has expressed their feelings and gratitude for her caring and guidance. Many attribute their improved quality of life for themselves & family. Blair is truly a professional with a heart and she takes her job very seriously. Moreover she gets positive results. The world of mental health is a better place with her in it.


Caralee Roach 

No one will care more about you than her. We have seen her in and off for a couple of years. She has taken great concern for me and my family. She has gone way beyond her “duties” as a therapist. She cares, but you have to care too. There are legal boundaries that get confused with what we think are personal boundaries. I assure all that go see her she has your back as a therapist and will do all she possibly can for you . Love her. She is heat felt and convicted about helping you all she can.


Megan Dildy 

WOW where do I begin to let you all know how wonderful Blair is? Blair is not just any therapist she's like family. I have a large blended family with 5 children ranging from 16 to 9 now, each having their own separate issues. Blair has been wonderful with all of them. You know she is a great person when they ask to go see her, say they miss her, and even want to call her on the telephone. No matter day or time she has always been available even around our busy schedules making appointments around school, work, and extra curricular activities. Not only has she helped with the children deal with separation, divorce, death, re-marriage, school/teenager issues, she has helped me, my husband, and my ex-husband. Just one of the many accomplishments that brings me such JOY that I would like to share is Blair saw my son who was 7/8 at the time his father and I went through separation he was struggling but not only was she able to recognize how he was struggling which his father and I weren't able to see with clear views due to our anger etc from separation/divorce. Blair counseled the both of us together and helped us to see that and to be better parents and better co-parents for our son. Who if you where to ask him now about his parents he could look you in the eye and say we are best friends. I re-married and their where struggles between his father and I with this and she helped us through it and provided us with some successful reading materials and education to do what is best for our child and co-parent him. To this day his teachers, school personal, coaches, parent of friends as well as family members and strangers we meet at games, school, birthday parties etc make comments to us, they actually tell us thank you for being the parents you are and co-parenting your son. We can tell a huge difference in the kid he is versus the stressed out, sad, depressed kid he was when we couldn't co-parent. I honestly can say we would have never gotten to this if it had not been for Blair Danz. She was truly a god send to my family!


Natasha Spalding 

I don't even know where to begin to explain how much Blair has been a blessing for me and my children. She gave me calm in a very turbulent time in my life. She is professional, caring and stands for what she believes to be right and true. And she was great about letting me know what I needed to work on even if I didn't want to hear it.


Shannon Hilger 

I don’t normally do ratings but I just wanted to share my experience with Mrs. Danz. I use to be one of those people who would have never went to therapy or thought it would even be beneficial. After seeing Blair she not only changed my life but also my opinion on therapy! My husband and I started seeing Blair in 2012 while we were needing some major help in our relationship. Blair helped restore our marriage and has even been working with my daughter as well for years! I would highly recommend Blair to anyone. She is very trustworthy and easy to talk to and very helpful when it comes to communication.


Jennifer Johnson

I have been seeing Blair Danz for a few years now. I have found her to be nothing but professional and has gone above and beyond for me. She has shared with me other resources as well as being there for me during out of office hours. I have tried other Therapists prior to Blair and they do not come close to fulfilling my needs as she does. I highly recommend Blair to any one looking for a therapist as she was highly recommended to me from a friend.


Sandra Starnes 

I started going to Blair in 2012. My child went missing and years later found deceased. But before he was found, Blair was so wonderful. She helped me through this difficult time in so many ways. She was always available when I needed her most. Eventually my husband and daughter began coming to counseling too. She has been there for us every step of the way and never wavered in trust, strength, and caring. We still go to see her. She is an angel to me and sets me right and lifts me up when I am down. You couldn't ask for a more professional, caring person than Blair Danz. Thank you.


Dinora Miller 

have been very blessed to have Mrs Danz in my life. She has helped me through some very difficult times in my life and has helped me see things more clearly. Not only is she extremely bright but most of all very caring. Every time I meet with her my life gets a little brighter. I am truly thankful for her


Dierk Roberts  

Cannot say enough good things about Blair. She gives you the encouragement to make changes, to be a better person. Supporting you with compassion and understanding while doing so. She will help you with life skills that you will use long after counseling. I would and have recommended her to anyone who is struggling, in whatever area of their life.


Amanda Karitis 

Blair is one of the most amazing therapist I've ever encountered. She helped my two children through the abuse with their dad and then turned around and help them with his suicide. I don't think my kids could have made it without her. I've also went to her for marriage counseling and counseling with my husband's ex-wife and her husband during court. She helped my husband get 50/50 with his daughter! When she counseled me and my husband...he was afraid that she would play favorites towards the wife...and she didn't! She told me things that I didn't want to hear about myself to help my marriage . She's not interested in being favorite... she's interested in helping. I wouldn't trust anybody else with my children or my marriage.


Lewis Wells  

Its difficult to go through marital transition. Blair's keen understanding and huge level of caring left gave me the confidence and tools I needed to go forward in a positive and empowered way. Her guidance helped my Children understand and learn how to accept the new normal in possibly the worst time in their young lives. She is a master at her craft and cares beyond the doors of her office. On the occasion I have simply seen her in passing, she has never failed to ask me how we are doing, not is a casual way but in a way that makes you realize she genuinely cares and will continue to care. In a word, she ROCKS!


Mike Hillburn 

Blair Is a great therapist, a caring therapist. She is a therapist that you will get the truth and honesty from rather it’s good or bad. I have known Blair for 5 years on a professional level and she has help me become a better person in a area of my life I needed help with. I would recommend her for anyone or couple.


Crystal Feigel 

I found Blair online on a google search when no one would return my calls about a very extreme matter that was taking place in my home. She was very fast to schedule an appointment and took in my issues like they were her own. Blair has been working with me and my family through depression, death in the family and improved communication between my husband and I. She has been always on call for me and my family. I trust her completely and I recommend her to anyone seeking a Therapist.


Randi Morgan 

Blair has been a part of mine and my daughters lives for the past five years. Transition through divorce and finding yourself on the other side in not easy. But I can say without a doubt that I would not want any other professional to help guide and support my daughters or myself through these obstacles in life other than Blair. Her gentle, yet clear direction at every turn is what my children required and continue to need. We will always lean on her an heed her advice. We recommend her to all our family and friends that need therapy or intervention of any kind. I cannot thank her enough for the help she has given my daughters.


Cory Ward 

I never have given a review for anyone or anything so this means something to me. I have been seeing Blair for the past year. I went through a very bad time in my life and couldn’t get a grip on life. My emotions was all over the place and couldn’t see the light. Blair rescued me! She seen me once a week for months even when I wasn’t working and couldn’t pay her she kept seeing me and told me she wasn’t worried about the money right then. I was able to talk to her about things I had never talked to anyone about. Blair doesn’t sugar coat it but she is caring and listens. I don’t know where I would be right now if I wouldn’t have found Blair!!


Christa Rios 

Blair is beyond amazing, she is truly like a guardian angel to me. I’ve never connected with a therapist like I have with her. She is able to tell me things I need to hear in a very positive way and is incredibly supportive. I recommend her to any and all people in need of a therapist.


Kelli Michelle  

She’s awesome!!!! She is very honest and calls you out in your stuff. She’s compassionate and not only listens but gives insight. The way she handles things by guiding rather than telling proves she interested in helping her top priority which is YOU!!


Summer Syse 

My husband and I saw Ms. Blair. Very professional, honest and great feed back. Never felt judged. Highly recommended. Fair pricing. Will work with you and your schedule


Kelly Connor 

Blair is awesome. We have been seeing her for a year and she is a huge help in my marriage as well as other areas in my life. She will tell you exactly what you need hear.... good, bad and everything in between. I am very appreciative of her and everything she has done to help me.


Wanda Casey 

Blair has been a blessing to our family. She has guided and been there for us since 2013. She has given us the tools we needed to strengthen our marriage and our family. We have referred several family and friends to her over the years which all have been very satisfied.


Val Sudd 

So thankful I found Blair. She has helped me through many trying times in my life over the years. I feel I can call anytime and she will make time for me. She is the BEST!!!


Nikole Weldon 

Amazing person! Really listens and works with your schedule. I recommend to anyone of my friends and family!


Jason Holland 

I have been seeing Blair on and off for the past year. After losing my job and going through some rough patches, she has helped me and my wife to get back on track of things. She is a very good listener and the the type that wont beat around the bush. I will continue to go to her and recommend her to anyone I know that needs a therapist.


Carissa Brawley 

Love her! I really like going to her and feel completely comfortable talking to her. She is not scared to tell you what she thinks and I really that! I would/do recommend her to any one.


Megan Kiszka 

Blair is nothing short of the best. I have been struggling so much and each and every visit, I feel better and better. She works around your schedule too and sees patients after your typica traditional hours. If you ever need to get in contact with her, it’s pretty easy to reach her. She is an absolute blessing and I am so grateful to know her. She is a wonderful therapist and I have nothing bad to say about her


Sheila Rehmeyer 

Blair has always “listened to understand” me. She puts Me-the-human before me-the-client at all times; even insisting on declining payment when she knew I needed her help but couldn’t afford to pay. You will love “Blair the human” even more than Brair the therapist.


Chris Swanzy 

Blair has been an amazing support for my family. We have visited with her on multiple occasions. Her approach with children and the wisdom she has is what has helped us through many difficult situations. We would highly recommend Blair. She is a true professional!


Kaleb Chalker 

 I was going through a rough patch in my life so my mom suggested that I go see a therapist I was very eerie about the idea of telling a stranger about all of my problems at first but I walked in and felt immediate comfort blair is one of the most kind hearted and caring people I have ever come into contact with and will go above and beyond too make sure you leave her office mentally stable and most importantly happy. If your going through issues of your own do not hesitate too ask for help and blair is that person who can genuinely help you. 100 stars.


Itza Casas 

My therapist my life changer! Ive been to different phycologist and physiatrist and Blair was the only one who actually cared. She gave me paperwork to take home and read. She made sure and understood my particular way of thinking! She even answered calls after hours! She made sure to always make time for me and mine! Thank you Blair!


Jacob James 

Great Therpist for over 3 years now. Very easy to talk to. Works with you and will always help in time of urgent time sebtive matters. LGBT encouraged here too!


Amanda Schrum 

Blair Danz is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and caring. She is all we could hope for, and helped our family when we needed it the most. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through rough times.


Bailey Danz

Blair is very professional and has a positive influence in the community. I’ve recommended so many people to her and got nothing but positive feedback.


Carlene McCully 

Blair has been my therapist for over a year and has positively impacted my life. I strongly recommend her for any counseling needs.


Erin Hayes 

Wonderful, caring and professional. I value honesty and forthrightness and Blair is as honest as they come! Highly recommend!!!


Rhonette Boutillier  

I've seen Blair on and off since 2013.... Recently started seeing her again due to a situation. I have very high anxiety and depression but after I speak with her about my situation and get her advice I come away feeling better..... She tells it like it is and if I need to do something different she will tell me.


Mary King 

I would recommend Blair to the most cherrished people in my life. She is unbiased, professional, real world, and works to solve problems not just talk about them.


Jaycee Adam 

During my divorce my attorney suggested I see a therapist. My previous experiences with therapist were not good and I was not open to going to one. A friend of mine went through a similiar divorce and told me Blair saved her saninty. Making an appointment was easy and she offered various days and times so therapy did not complicate my work schedule which for me was a plus. From my first phone call to meeting her the first time I felt comfortable and sharing with her was easy. Which normally for me is very hard. I was so fearful she would judge me based on mistakes I made during my marriage. She listened attentively, and I felt she genuinely cared for me and my family situation. She offered insight and taught me how not to engage on an emotional level. This in itself cut down on the conflict. She was a master at this. She was honest and called me on my stuff. She has an eloquent way of being critical. I would see her again if I needed a therapist again.


Mendan Dixon 

Blair is the best Weatherford has to offer. Most therapists won't break a sweat to help. Blair will do everything she can to help. Not only a good therapist, but a great person.


A Bruno 

Great with my son

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